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Ashish Nehara At DPS Allahabad Campus (6-Feb-2018)
Added on: 07 Feb 2018

Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy

It was almost two years ago that Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy was started at Delhi Public School, Allahabad to provide a unique opportunity to the youngsters of this region to take part and develop proficiency in cricket under the guidance of Mr. Ashish Nehra. It gave them a world class international cricketing experience at their doorstep with the likes of Mr. Yuvraj Singh, Mr. Ajay Jadeja, Mr. Zaheer Khan and Mr. Ashish Nehra who came and interacted with the kids and gave them cricketing tips.

This, after school cricket coaching programme is open for all school and college kids. Timings for academy are:- Friday and Saturday 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm and on Sunday 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Three areas are covered – bowling, batting and fielding, and the children are tested for catching, throwing, bowling and striking skills.

Youngsters are introduced to full cricket equipment and the programme is designed to teach all aspects of a game situation and to challenge students as well as create confidence.

This recognition of the young achievers is the logical extension of group coaching and in addition to being a measure of a young cricketer’s ability in the basic skills, is an excellent check on their progress over a period of coaching.

The following students were recognized by Mr. Ashish Nehra for their excellent performance on 6th February at DPS Allahabad.


Under – 12

  1. Best Batsman                                           -              Krish Agarwal (D.P.S. Allahabad)
  2. Best Bowler                                              -              Ricky Verma (Green Fields Academy, Allahabad)
  3. Best Fielder                                              -              Ishita Dixit (D.P.S. Allahabad)
  4. Best Wicket Keeper                                  -              Vidit Khanna (D.P.S. Allahabad)
  5. Best All-rounder                                       -              Vedant Rastogi (D.P.S. Allahabad)
  6. Emerging Player                                       -              Ishaan Dixit (D.P.S. Allahabad)
  7. Young Player                                            -              Arunav Singh Senger (6 years old, St. John’s Academy, Ald.)
  8. Youngest Player of Academy                   -              Atharv Prakash Singh (5 years old, Holy Trinity School, Ald.)


Under – 16


  1. William Yadav (S.S. Inter College, Jhusi, Allahabad)                5 wickets in A.C.A.          B. division
  2. Kishan Singh (Dwarka Prasad Public School Allahabad)           5 wickets in A.C.A.          B. division
  3. Manas Singh (Don Bosco Inter College, Allahabad)                  5 wickets in A.C.A.          League Match
  4. Pringal Awasthi (D.P.S. Allahabad)                                            Scored 200 runs in a League Match
  5. Mohsin Ali Khan (Allahabad Degree College, Allahabad)          Selected in U-23 Camp UPCA


                   Mr. Ashish Nehra is the bowling coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore since January, 2017.


Team Performers of ANCA

Following are key players of ANCA Team who are very hard working and helped their team to win matches:

  1. Ishaan Jaiswal       
  2. Chandroday Pratap Singh Tomar
  3. Salman Siddiqui
  4. Anuj Shukla
  5. Prakhar Chatterjee                                                                                         
  6. Avinash Yadav
  7. Mohd. Shahbaz                                                                                                
  8. Akhil Tiwari
  9. Kashish Manuja                                                                                               
  10. Shobhit Yadav
  11. Arjun Pankaj Dubey                                                                                      
  12. Amol Kesarwani
  13. Vatsal Narayan


Present on the occasion were Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh, the Patron of the school and eminent lawyer; Mr. Vishal Singh, the Pro-Vice Chairman; Ms. Sonu Singh the President of School and Dr. Sujata Singh, the Principal and parents of the players of Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy.

Interhouse Annual Sports Activities on Annual Sports Day (11-Nov-2017)
Added on: 13 Nov 2017


Annual sports day was celebrated on 11th of October ,2017 in DPS Allahabad. The Opening ceremony program started with the traditional lighting of the lamp, followed by the welcoming of the guests. Unfurling of the school flag was done by the chief guest, Mr. L.Y Suhas, District Magistrate Allahabad. He is an exceptional achiever, a phenomenon. At the 2016 Asian Para Badminton championship, Beijing, China, he became the first Indian bureaucrat to win a professional International Badminton Championship. He is currently ranked world No. 4. The guest of honour for the event was Prof R.K.Upadhyay, Sr professor Dept of Defence, Allahabad University.  The disciplined and well trained marchers of the school mesmerized the audience with their impeccable performance at  the march past. A Guard of Honour was given to the chief guest. Ms. Sonu Singh, president, Dr. Sujata Singh, principal and Ms. Rachna Dubey, vice-principal DPS Allahabad were also present there.   
After this the principal addressed the gathering. She pointed out that such events are quintessential for the holistic development of a child. A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body. She asserted that the team work, the leadership qualities and the decision making abilities that such events require and nurture among the competitors, actually, prepare them for accomplishing their goals in life and getting success. She also stated that the lessons in sportsmanship, camaraderie and management skills that the children learn here are going to make all the difference in their lives.
The speech was followed by a melodious musical performance, ‘Musical Medley’ and an enthralling song performance by the students of the school. After this the sports captain administered the oath of sportsmanship to the players. The chief guest then addressed the gathering and emphasized the importance of adopting a sportsman’s attitude towards life. After this the meet was declared open.
Relay with the torch was then done by the athletes of DPS Allahabad. This marked the beginning of various competitive games and track and field events. After the day long competitions and endeavours, Manoj Dixit & Vidushi Singh (9-12) , Bhavini Priya Awasthi & Harsh Bhartiya (6-8)  were declared the best athletes of the event.Yamuna House was declared  the best house of all.
The closing ceremony of the event was held in the evening. The chief guest was Hon’ble Justice Yashwant Verma. The Yoga Flow show and Rhythm Divine were part of the cultural programs held during the closing ceremony. After this the meet was declared closed, prizes were given away by the chief guest. The program ended with the singing of the national anthem. 

Inaugural Ceremony of CBSE Cluster-V Football Tournament, Boys (U-17 & 19)-2017
Added on: 03 Oct 2017

Inaugural Ceremony of CBSE Cluster-V Football Tournament, Boys (U-17 & 19)-2017

On 3rd October 2017, the inaugural ceremony of the CBSE Cluster-V Football Tournament Boys (U-17 & 19) -2017 was held at D.P.S Allahabad.More than forty teams from different C.B.S.E schools are participating in the mega event. The tournament will witness two football matches to be played at a time, thanks to the huge sports ground at DPS Allahabad. The matches will go on from morning to evening during the tournament.  

The program started withunfurling of the C.B.S.E flag. Dr. Sujata Singh, principal DPS Allahabad then welcomed the participants to the four day mega event. She appealed to all the teams to do their best and compete in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. She encouraged them to make the most of the wonderful opportunity to showcase best athletic talent and spirit of comradeship.

The congregation then witnessed a musical medley by the young artists of DPS Allahabad, which was followed by a song in praise of the motherland.

The principal, then administered the oath to all the participating teams.

It was followed by a dance performance by students titled ‘Bharat BhagyaVidhata’ based on the theme of National Integrity.

The chief guest Hon’ble Justice Arun Tandon, then addressed the gathering emphasizing the importance of such events. The tournament was then declared open by the chief guest.

The opening ceremony completed with the national anthem. The evening also witnessed a few friendly matches.


Teachers Training workshop on Classroom Management was conducted by CBSE on 9th & 10th September, 2017 at Delhi Public School, Allahabad
Added on: 12 Sep 2017

The improvement of teaching qualities is a high priority in any educational system. Teachers are assigned the role of change agents and are presented with new challenges e.g. to make education global, permanent, flexible enough to serve in any environment (in or out of the classroom) for life and reflective of the community. Teachers have to learn to adapt creatively to changes in content and to prepare generations who are universal, critical, and creative and who have firm identities with their socio-cultural background. However, a realistic approach to in-service teacher training programme/ workshop should consider that teachers are ordinary human beings with their virtues, defects, duties and rights.


In this regard the training workshop on Classroom Management was conducted by CBSE on 9th& 10th September, 2017 at Delhi Public School, Allahabad. 66 teachers from different schools participated in the workshop.

Spic Macay Event 2017 at DPS Allahabad
Added on: 22 Aug 2017

The DPS Allahabad family takes great pride in welcoming Pt. Ritesh Mishra and Pt. Rajnish Mishra for a lecture cum demonstration of Indian Classical Vocal music.The musicians will also be interacting with students and will make them more aware about the great heritage of Indian classical music.

 It is a pleasure to invite you to be a part of this mesmerizing musical morning.

 About the artists:

Born into the family of great maestros of Banaras Gharana, Rajan&Sajan Mishra have set high standards of excellence in performance and presentation. Their performances at Royal Albert Hall, London and Lincoln Centre, USA, have been huge success. Along with Padmabhushan, they have been honoured by many awards. Currently, Rajan and Saajan Mishra are taking the traditional guru-shishya legacy forward at their Gurukul at Dehradun. Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra are the sons of PanditRajan Mishra and the disciples of the senior Mishra brothers. Both of them are gifted musicians with rich knowledge of Indian Ragas, Khayal, Tappa, TaranaBhajans and other classical forms. They have performed on prestigious platforms in India and abroad.

Date         :      22nd August, 2017

Time         :          8:00 a.m.

Venue       :          DPS Ground.


Dr. Sujata Singh



The 71st Independence Day Celebration 2017
Added on: 15 Aug 2017

Independence Day Celebrations at DPS Allahabad

Date 15th August 2017

The 71st Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by the staff and students of DPS Allahabad. The celebrations began with the unfurling of the Flag. The assembly then sang the National Anthem. This was followed by the pledge to make India clean and free from all forms of corruption, terrorism communalism and casteism in the next five years. The pledge was administered   by the Principal Dr. Sujata Singh in both English and Hindi. The Principal in her address motivated the audience to lead the nation along paths of freedom in every respect.A speech on our national struggle and nationalism was given by Ms. Richa Rai. A patriotic poem and group song further embellished the day’s proceedings. The students of classes VI to X participated in a painting competition on the theme of Independence Movement. A quiz on the freedom struggle-the Quit India movement was also organised for the students of classes IX to XII in order to acquaint the young minds with the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Various activities like flag painting, flag making, face painting (theme based) and rapid fire quizzes were also organised for classes I to VIII. The programme concluded with a speech thanking the staff and students for their active participation in promoting nationalism.

Children engaged in flag making activity with full patriotic fervor......
Added on: 10 Aug 2017

Children engaged in flag making activity with full patriotic fervor......

Rakhi Making Activity for Classes I to V .
Added on: 05 Aug 2017

Rakhi Making Activity for Classes I to V.

Green Day Activity
Added on: 05 Aug 2017

A step into the world of colours - Green Day Activity 

Vegetable Printing - Fun with Prints
Added on: 05 Aug 2017

Vegetable Printing - Fun with Prints

Investiture Ceremony and Scholar’s Trophy Day at DPS Allahabad (22.07.2017).
Added on: 24 Jul 2017

 Investiture Ceremony and Scholar’s Trophy Day at DPS Allahabad (22.07.2017).

July 22, 2017 witnessed a splendid celebration of Investiture Ceremony and Scholar’s Trophy Day at DPS Allahabad. The program started with the conventional lighting of lamp by the esteemed Guests Hon’ble Mr. Justice Suneet Kumar, Allahabad High Court, Mr. Ramit Sharma, Inspector General of Police, Allahabad Range  and Dr. Roopa Shankar, Principal of Pre-School accompanied by Ms.Sonu Singh Raghav, President, DPS Allahabad, Dr. Sujata Singh, Principal, Ms. RachanaDubey, Vice Principal and Mrs. Annie Thomas Academic Coordinator. This was followed by Indian classical orchestra presentation by the students of DPS Allahabad.The Investiture Ceremony of an institution has been an occasion of pride. The selected student council was formally vested with authority to uphold the dignity and honour of school.

POST                                                                                            SENIOR                                                     JUNIOR

HEAD BOY                                                                     CHANDRODAY P S TOMAR                                   ASHWIK DUBEY

HEAD GIRL                                                                 REETIKA SARRAF                                              MANASVI SHAH

VICE HEAD BOY                                                          ADHIRAJ SINGH                                                  AVIRAL SINGH

VICE HEAD GIRL                                                          TANVI CHOPRA                                                   GAURI KANT

SPORTS CAPTAIN BOY                                             KARTIKEY AGARWAL                                            VIDIT KHANNA

SPORTS CAPTAIN GIRL                                             MANSI SINGH                                                     NAVYAA CHOPRA

SPORTS VICE CAPTAIN BOY                                      ADITYA NANDAN                                               CHINMAY SINGH

SPORTS VICE CAPTAIN GIRL                                 SAMIKSHA TRIPATHI                                        KANISHKA KUSHWAHA

CULTURAL HEAD                                                     APARAJITA GOEL                                                              -

CULTURAL HEAD                                                    KAMAKSHI SHUKLA                                                         -


The Scholar’s Trophy Ceremony has been instituted with intention to felicitate those students of Class X and XII who have been able to achieve excellent result in the past session 2016-17. The Scholar’s Trophy and certificates were awarded to students of Classes X and XII under different categories viz. District Topper, Stream Toppers, Outstanding Performance, Academic Excellence, Subject Toppers and cent percent attendance. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal Dr. Sujata Singh emphasized that DPS Allahabad stands for excellence in all spheres of child development and looks forward to producing responsible and socially conscious citizens.

The Guests of Honour congratulated all the meritorious students and motivated the rest in their addresses. Students of DPS Allahabad presented group song and dance to add to the thrill and joy. The beaming and jubilant faces of the recipients and their proud parents and teachers added luster to the historic moments at DPS Allahabad.

The Celebration concluded with the vote of thanks followed by National Anthem.



Dr. Sujata Singh


Ashish Nehra and Zaheer Khan at DPS Allahabad (17.03.2017)
Added on: 17 Mar 2017

D.P.S Allahabad welcomed its esteemed guests Ashish Nehra and Zaheer Khan on a lovely morning of 17th March. Ashish, who is the owner as well as the mentor of the Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy being run is the premises of D.P.S Allahabad, brought along with him another international cricketer, Zaheer Khan. Both the stars shared their experiences with the budding talents at D.P.S. The Academy’s players as well as other students felt awesome and blessed in their company.

Added on: 24 Dec 2016

DPS Allahabad organized a veena recital by Salil Bhatt- the creator and exponent of the Satvik Veena, under the aegis of SPIC MACAY on Saturday the 17th of December. The students were  exposed to a musical feast by the sitar maestro. Salil Bhatt has been hailed as the “Global Indian musician “ .His expositions assimilate both vocal and instrumental representations. He is the son of the legendary Grammy Award winner Padmashree Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and follows the classical Indian raga authenticity to its strictest norms and weaves a pure picture of every raga recital. He enthralled the audience with his flawless and skillful rendition of the various ragas. The students enjoyed the interactive session with the artist . The Principal Dr Sujata Singh thanked the artist profusely for his presentation and also appreciated the role of SPIC MACAY in the promotion of Indian music and culture.  

Added on: 24 Dec 2016

Christmas comes but once a year. The students of DPS Allahabad joined in the festival by presenting a thought provoking skit. This was followed by the Christmas massage. The programme concluded with Santa clause bringing   cheers and goodwell among all.

Added on: 19 Nov 2016

The School hosted its annual day celebration on 18th November,2016. The program commenced with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest Honourable Justice, Mr. Yashvant Varma, Allahabad High Court, Ms.Sonu Singh Ragav – school president and Dr. Sujata Singh – principal.  The other luminaries who graced the function were Ms. Ratika Varma and Mr. Gaurav Bansal, Director, NCZCC  , Allahabad. The school orchestra enthralled the audience with a vibrant performance ‘Musical Cascades’, an ensemble with a captivating array of tunes.A soulful musical recital, Voice of Mysticism’, performed by the students mesmerized the audience which was followed by a karate demonstration. From Zumba to hula hooping to skipping and skating ‘Too Fit to Quit’, a medley of super fun ways to get fit, the students inspired the audience to kick off a brand-new fitness regimen. A thought provoking skit, ‘A Planet of Possibilities’, highlighted the need to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. The programme rose to a final crescendo with the finale of the show, ‘Dashavatar’, a dance-drama which brought to life the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu - Matsya ,Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vaman, Parashuram, Ram, Balram, Buddha and Kalki.Embodying religion, philosophy, and mythology, the students performed ten pieces  — each piece with its own mood and theme. Dr. Sujata Singh addressed the august gathering and traced the long strides and significant progress made during the last year by DPS, Allahabad.

Honourable Justice, Mr. Yashvant Varma, addressed the guests and applauded the bedazzling performances and the wonderful cultural bonanza put up by the students. The day ended in a beautiful resonance with vote of thanks and the national anthem.


Added on: 19 Nov 2016

Today, the valedictory ceremony was held to conclude the three-day ongoing Inter DPS National Athletic Meet(girls), at DPS Allahabad. 18 November, 2016, the second day of Inter DPS National Athletic Meet(girls) witnessed much excitement on the field and was a decisive day for the thirty three participating schools. Various events such as races(100m, 400m, 800m), Relay (100m & 400m) and high jump, shot put and discus throw were organized. The participants displayed a strong commitment to track and field activities.

DPS Durg bagged the overall first position in the championship with 28 gold medals and 20 silver medals. Sristi Kasar, DPS Durg, was awarded the best athlete of the Meet as she bagged the first position in 100m, 200m, 4x100m, and 4x400m races.

Added on: 17 Nov 2016

A three day Inter DPS National Athletic Meet(Girls) was inaugurated  at Delhi Public School, Allahabad, in which more than 50 Delhi Public Schools of India and abroad are participating. The program commenced with the lighting of lamp by the chief guest Dr. D.R. Saini – Director DPS Society, Ms Sonu Singh Ragav – school president and Dr. Sujata Singh – principal.  The DPS Society Flag was unfurled by the chief guest and the coaches of the participating teams, followed by contingents of participating teams presenting the guard of honour. Dr. Sujata Singh welcomed the participating schools and wished them all the best. She reiterated the fact that victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score. She also emphasized on the importance of sports in the development of today’s youth. Dr. D.R. Saini, enlightened the gathering with his inspirational words and emphasized on the need for a strong commitment to track and field activities by students. He lit the athletic flame and declared the meet open. He met the athletes of the participating teams and wished them success in the upcoming events.

A scintillating cultural program by the students of DPS, Allahabad showcased seamless flow and fusion of energy and synchronization of effort. Oath was administered to the athletes, coaches and judges. The athletic events for the day were – races, shot put and discus throw.


Added on: 17 Oct 2016

On 16th  October 2016, Delhi Public School, Allahabad conducted a workshop, EXPLORE – 2016, for students between the age group of 3 to 11 years. Students from various schools from the city participated and spent time indulging in various enjoyable art and craft activities designed to transport the child into a world of discovery. The activities also included doing worksheets and parent-child activity

Dr. Sujata Singh, principal DPS, Allahabad, thanked the students and their parents for their wholehearted participation in this teacher guided workshop which was organized with the aim to provide a collaborative learning experience to the children . She emphasized that team work and collaborative learning goes a long way in the overall development of a child. She was positive that the learning outcome of this activity will unfold new vistas and foster stronger bonds with the institution.

A cultural program by students of Delhi Public School, was organized which commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp and the highlights of the cultural program were the tabla recital by the students, a song by the school choir, a well co-ordinated skating performance by children and a dance on the song ‘Vandematram’.

The chief guest, Prof. Sushil Srivastava, addressed the gathering and congratulated the young students at all the participating schools for making the programme a huge success. He also complimented the management and the principal on this wonderful initiative aimed at sharing learning experiences with other schools in the city.

The programme concluded with the distribution of certificates and the national anthem.

Mr. Ashish Nehra and Mr. Ajay Jadeja, at DPS Allahabad for Asha Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament organized by Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy
Added on: 07 Oct 2016

On 06th October 2016, Mr. Ashish Nehra and Mr. Ajay Jadeja, the pride of the Indian Cricket visited Delhi Public School, Allahabad in the event of the Asha Memorial T 20 Cricket Tournament organized by Ashish  Nehra Cricket Academy.

Mr. Vishal Singh, Pro VC, DPS, Allahabad, Ms. Sonu Singh Ragav, President, and Dr. Sujata Singh, Principal along with students welcomed them with bouquets. The program commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp which was done by the guests and the captains of the two participating teams – DPS, Allahabad and Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy Blue. The oath of sportsmanship was read by the principal and the Asha Memorial T 20 Cricket Tournament was declared open.

Mr. Ashish Nehra addressed the audience and encouraged the budding cricketers to learn and develop their cricket ability. He also spoke about the facilities offered by the academy to the young cricketers, which in future will provide a bridge for the young sportsmen from Allahabad to make a transition to higher pitches.

Mr. Ajay Jadeja spoke about promoting sportsmanship and professionalism, and enhancing softer skills like confidence, focus, communication, nutrition, health and sensitivity among the budding cricketers of tomorrow.

Both the players met the participating teams and set the ball rolling.

Added on: 03 Oct 2016

On the 3rd of October 2016, in the premises of DPS Allahabad, the inauguration ceremony of the Asha Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament took place. The program started with the traditional lighting of the lamp, which was done by the president of DPS Allahabad Ms. Sonu Singh Raghav, the principal Dr. Sujata Singh and the Chief Coach of the Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy Mr. Rohit Sharma. The Captain and the Vice – Captain of the participating teams presented bouquets to the guests. The oath of Sportsmanship was read by the principal and the event was declared open by the president. Group photographs of the different participating teams were also taken. At this auspicious occasion how can the national flag be forgotten. All the people present there stood straight when the national anther was sung. After this the first match of the tournament started. The match was between Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy Blue team (DPS Allahabad) and the team from Vidyavahini Public School. VidhyaVahini won the toss and elected to bat first. A pure silver coin was used in the toss. Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy Blue (DPS Allahabad) won the match by 8 wickets. A total of 8 teams are participating in the tournament. All the matches are league cum knockout matches.

Added on: 03 Oct 2016

The first day of Allahabad Youth Parliament commenced with the inaugural ceremony held at in the school field of Delhi Public School, Allahabad. It started off with the welcoming of the Chief Guest, Mr. V. S. Dutta (Senior Journalist in the Northern India Patrika) the Guest of Honor, Mrs. Sonu Singh Raghav, President DPS, Allahabad, Guest Speaker, Mr. Dhruv Raj Sharma (LOGOPHILIA) and dynamic visionary Principal of DPS, Dr. Sujata Singh. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest Mr. V. S. Dutta said that such platforms are important as the youth gets an opportunity to voice their opinion on matters of national interest. Dr. Sujata Singh, Principal DPS Allahabad, motivated the students by saying that she visions a great hope in today’s youth as they will be the catalyst to bring the radical changes in society & nation, that every responsible citizen is waiting for. Mr. Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ graced the occasion and addressed the participants of the Lok Sabha. Guest Speaker, Mr. Dhruv Raj Sharma emphasized on the art of debating and reminded how we use it in day to day lives. All speakers told the youth about the importance of being informed and to voicing their opinion freely. The Allahabad Youth Parliament is being held for the first time in city & DPS Allahabad has been the pioneer to bring such a landmark event for the youth of Allahabad.

On the second day of student leadership programme –the participating student delegates focused on presenting their ideas and debating various issues in different committee meetings- All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM) discussed Article-377, Indo-Pak Meet deliberated on relations with our neighbor with special emphasis on Pathankot incident. Futuristic Crisis Committee discussed attack by ISIS on India in 2030. Stake Holder’s Meet   deliberated on the situation in Kashmir, and Lok Shabha had a ruling and an opposition team which debated on Women’s Reservation Bill.

Almost 300 students from different schools of Allahabad and six colleges including BHU and University of Delhi benefitted from this leadership programme by learning to solve complex problems and it is hoped that in future they will more effectively create a change  in the world around them. Mr. Shyamal Narain an eminent lawyer and debater congratulated the young students for successfully debating on various issues.

HERITAGE WEEK 13-15 August, 2016
Added on: 10 Sep 2016

Cultural Mosaic Organised at DPS Allahabad

From 13-15 August, 2016 an Inter House Competition for classes 9-10 called Cultural Mosaic, also known as Wall Magazine was organised.

The contest was a part and parcel of the Heritage Week where the students of each House were found to be greatly enthused and excited about it. The fervour, the fire they had in their bellies seemed poured out over the walls which they emblazoned in a stunning, breathtaking manner.

Added on: 15 Aug 2016

An exceedingly vibrant and electrifying celebration of the 70th Independence Day took place in DPS Allahabad where the Day was marked with a number of cultural programs coupled with an Inter House Dance Competition mainly subsequent to the Heritage Week already under way.  On this occasion, children of all Houses also exhibited breath taking Wall Magazines.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Tiwari, Prof. in Physics, A.U, was cordially invited as Guest of Honour. 

Green Day 10th , AUGUST 2016
Added on: 13 Aug 2016

A Colour theme reinforces the concept of colours to a child. The students of Pre-Nur, Nursery and Prep celebrated Green Day. The students were introduced to the magic of mining blue and yellow paint to get green paint card making, painting punch sheets making caterpillars were some of the activities were conducted. The classes were beautifully decorated with frogs and green vegetables. The students were also attired in green.     

Added on: 10 Aug 2016

‘Anyone can steer a ship but it takes a leader to chart the course.’ ‘The price of greatness is responsibility.’ Delhi Public School, Allahabad, conducted the Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council for the academic session 2016-17 on July 23,2016 for Primary and Secondary Wing in order to inculcate leadership qualities amongst its students for the smooth conduct of activities, to instil confidence and a sense of responsibility in them. Mr. G. S. Darwari and Group Captain Bashant B. Pandey were the esteemed chief guests for the occasion. Ansh Anand and Charvi Saxena were nominated as the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively. The office bearers of the six houses were also invested with the badges.

The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp and the Chief Guests were formally welcomed. After the address by the principal, the budding talents of D.P.S Allahabad enthralled the audience with a multi –faceted cultural programme which included the famous “Ganga Geet ” which had won laurels for students of the school  at the Inter DPS Singing competition. The programme was followed by couple of eloquent speeches by the head council and chief guest for the day.

Added on: 10 Aug 2016

DPS Allahabad once again experienced a highly motivational career councelling session held by city`s one of the best known Law coaching institutes called `CLAT POSSIBLE`.

Two members namely Mr.Shikhar Dwivedi and Ms.Shikha Singh from the advertising team of the Institute conducted the career councelling session on July 15,2016 in the school`s multimedia room.The session was basically designed for the senior secondary students of the school.Mr.Shikhar started the session by putting a query to the pupils concering their post board plan.Later,he familiarised them to the new furtherances being made into the field of LAW while accentuating the evergreen professional prominence of the profession.He motivated the students saying that the field of LAW holds very promising aspects for those in particular who happen to be `argumentative` in a feisty way.

Mr.Shikhar,furthermore apprised the students of the basic layout of the Common Law Admission Test with its Do`s and Dont`s underlined in particular.

The session was a new experience on the part of the students who had themselves aquainted with many unprecedented prospects of CLAT.

Added on: 10 Aug 2016

Delhi Public School, Allahabad participated in Inter D.P.S group song (folk song) Zone 3 held at D.P.S   Indira Nagar, Lukhnow on 22.07.2016 and the group of eight students grabbed the third position.

The participants presented a mesmerizing Ganga Geet which was appreciated by the judges as well as by the audience. One of the judges Ms. Sarla Srivastava went nostalgic after the presentation and congratulated the participants as well as the music teacher Ms. Kriti Srivastava and appreciated their overall presentation.

Added on: 06 Aug 2016

DPS-Allahabad (Department of Mathematics) organized Mathemania-2016, an Inter-House Competition under the  MATH WEEK from 18.07.2016 to 22.07.2016.

Round 1: From classes 3 to 10, 204 students were shortlisted for the Screening Test which was held on 18.07.2016.Out of these 204 students, 18 students (3 from each house i.e., 3×6=18) from classes 3 to 5 and 30 students  (5 from each house i.e., 5×6=30) qualified for the next round.

Round 2 (Buzzer Round):

20 questions were asked.

For class 3 to 5, it took place on 19.07.2016 and Jhelum house won.

Round 3:

This round was even more exciting (held on 21.07.2016).

For classes 3 to 5, a Mathematics Relay was organized in which the participants had to run and solve questions. Candidates from Ravi house, with their great physical and mental strength, won this round.


Added on: 07 Jun 2016

A Logophilia workshop was held from the 25th to the 27th of May for the staff members. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Dhruv Sharma it was a truly enriching experience and an eye opener too for all the participants. The study of vocabulary based on the origin of words indeed evoked a keen interest among the participants and taught them a new method of introducing words without rote learning. In all the workshop was interesting and a novel learning experience. Number of participants - 34.

JUST A MINUTE May 18th ,2016
Added on: 07 Jun 2016

During the Literary Week at DPS Allahabad an Inter House Competition called JAM was organised on May 18, 2016 in the school auditorium for the classes IX, X. Each House was represented by five participants who went via the five rounds of the contest one by one. In each round the contestants were given a topic on which they had to speak for one minute sans being impugned or demurred to. As soon as a topic was dropped the House which hit the buzzer first was allowed to speak on. The participants were called into question by their counterparts owing to repetition, hesitation, deviation from the given topic or any grammatical error effectuated by malapropism, etc.

It was very interesting to see the contestants putting a spoke in each other’s wheels every now and then, attempting assiduously to complete the span of one minute. It was also engrossing to see the topic being tossed from House to House, causing the conductors to toil hard to keep pace with the time running and stay tuned with the house speaking simultaneously.

As the time ticked away the competition went on being more intense, almost becoming a battle of nerves where each House gave an electrifying performance to grab the win.

In the long run Jhelum, Ravi and Yamuna were in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively.


Added on: 06 Jun 2016

To ensure that the much awaited summer break is a time to relax and rejuvenate, the school organised a special ‘Summer Camp’ for the students.


The camp saw an overwhelming participation by students, eager to avail the rich experience. This camp offered Sports, Craft, Music, Dance, Cooking, Splash pool & Horse riding. Special Coaches/Trainers and teachers held sessions every day from 7.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

The School Ground was abuzz with hectic sports activities in Basket Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Tennis, Skating, Yoga, Swimming and Magic show was the highlight of all. There were Sports Teachers and Trainers present to sharpen the students’ skills in sports.

In Art and Craft, the students were taught the finer nuances of different crafts. Guitar lessons and training in classical music formed a part of the Music Workshop. The students also got an opportunity to fine tune their steps in western dance, and learnt the intricacies of Indian Classical Dance.

The personality development offered training in Hindi and English Dramatics apart from dealing with ‘stage fear’ and voice modulation.

Needless to say, the students were exposed to very invigorating learning sessions with ‘hands-on-experience’ in all hobbies they wished to pursue.

The camp concluded with a special assembly, wherein the students shared their experiences of the camp. Several displays, namely, Art display, Musical displays were showcased. The efforts of the students and teachers were appreciated. The students had a great time



Added on: 06 Jun 2016

The workshop on CCE was organised by Delhi Public School for Classes 9th and 10th on May 14th, 2016. The goal of the workshop was to explain the concept of continuous and comprehensive evaluation in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. The Vice- Principal Ms Rachana Dubey further explained the important aspects of CCE and clarified the doubts of the parents and responded to questions raised by them on assessment. She also explained the parameters of grading in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. The workshop was attended by other subject teachers like Social Science, Maths, English, etc. The Principal elaborated on the goals and vision set by DPS Allahabad. She remarked on a positive note that the School is and shall always leave no stone unturned in producing the finest of results. The Workshop was interactive, informative and fruitful. Special thanks to Ms Sapna Srivastava and Ms Rashmi Mishra for the CCE presentation.


Added on: 06 Jun 2016

To motivate children to take keen interest in enriching their vocabulary and pronunciation skills in order to become effective and impressive communicators, DPS Allahabad organized an Inter House English Spellathon Competition on 11.05.2016. The competition was held for classes III-V. The contestants were asked to spell words taken from Environmental Science and Literature.

The audience were also abuzz with excitement cheering for their respective Houses and trying to answer the question put to the contestants.

Ganga House won 1st Position while Satluj House and Chenab House won 2nd and 3rd Positions. The program was conducted by Ms. Devpriya Mukherjee and Ms. Ritu Arora.


EYES ON THE SKY May 9th, 2016
Added on: 06 Jun 2016

Keeping in view the transit of Mercury on May 9, 2016, Delhi Public School, Allahabad made arrangements to observe this rare celestial phenomenon for thousands of students on their grounds. The school also invited the children of other schools to participate in observing this relatively rare occurrence. The orbits of Mercury and Venus lie inside Earths’ orbit, so they are the only planets which can pass between Earth and Sun to produce a transit. Transits are very rare astronomical events. In the case of Mercury, there are on average thirteen transits each century. This rare phenomenon made May 9, 2016 a very special day for sky watchers. Delhi Public School, Allahabad provided special glasses for safe viewing of the Sun with the shadow of Mercury on it.


Added on: 06 Jun 2016

Having a colour theme day is a great way to introduce/teach/reinforce the colour to the children. Children of classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Prep were asked to come in Pink attires along with a pink object. Children played the game PINK HUNT. They were told that they are on a hunt for the colour pink, they walked around the class and looked for pink things. At the end of the hunt they counted out loud together how many pink things were found. Children were showed how pink can be magically made by mixing red and white paint and then had fun painting together. They enjoyed making craft by painting small plates with pink paint and made jelly fish and rabbits. The classes were beautifully decorated with pink chandeliers and flowers. The children really had a great time.


Added on: 06 Jun 2016

Prarthana Dharamputri of class 12 and Manasvi Singh of class 9 represented DPS Allahabad at the chess tournament held from 5th to the 7th may at DPS Surat. They stood 4 th in this well fought battle Prarthana was also one among the 3 students who were selected to play against International Grand Masters.DPS Allahabad also participated in the Inter DPS Basketball tournament Zone -3 held at DPS Varanasi  and the Inter DPS Table Tennis tournament held at DPS Navi Mumbai.

Added on: 06 Jun 2016

The Labour Day celebrations began with the welcoming of our staff who toil unnoticed the year long. The traditional lighting of the lamp was followed by a skit depicting the important role played by these employees in the institution and in our homes. This was followed by a spirited dance performance and our Principal and President spoke words of appreciation. The students also presented a melodious number. To conclude gifts were distributed among the staff. The entire programme was conceived and conducted by the teachers and students of classes 9 and 10. The gifts were purchased with the collections obtained through a newspaper contribution drive. This endeavour was undertaken to sensitize the students about the importance of Labour day in our lives.

Added on: 06 Jun 2016

A parent teacher meeting was held on 30th April, 2016 to discuss the vision and mission of our school along with the aims to be accomplished in addition to the achievement in student’s overall performance.

 On this note, our Academic Coordinator Ms. Annie Thomas has  laid a great  stress  entirely on the learner’s all round development by teaching them how to value the time effectively, inculcating good and timely eating habits, personal safety , developing their physical strength by making them to realize the significance of exercising and lots more .

It was a great interaction between the teachers and the parents for the development of their children, where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. Later on, a short time span was given where the parents interacted with the teachers to clear their doubts and on  different areas relating to their child.

The main areas of focus were literacy, numeracy and communication skills along with the importance of emotional development of a child to ensure the development of a well rounded individual. Additionally, emphasis was laid on games, as it facilitates in building up strength and stamina of the student.

The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that the progress of the students depends on the joint efforts of parents and teachers and in boosting up of their inner confidence which in turn will help in making them a concerned citizen.


FACULTY ENRICHMENT April 25th to 27th ,2016
Added on: 06 Jun 2016


It was an immense pleasure to be a part of the induction training programme held by Delhi Public School Society (DPSS).It was really an enriching and informative experience for us. It was basically a three days training programme i.e. from 25th to 27th April. The session started with the class visits of class 5 and class 4 to observe the teaching methodology of the interactive classrooms. It was observed that the continuous repetition of the contents and the conduction of other activities is the main ingredient in moulding the learners and enabling their all round development. It was observed that there are a great deals of physical activities being undertaken in different classrooms. Activities based on ''Life Skill'' were also taken into practice which enriched the child’s overall development and develop life skills in them. The EVS class, enabled us to observe how we can productively sensitize the future generations for the betterment of their overall persona. This workshop provided us with value addition to our teaching profession . The workshop was attended by Ms Seema Singh, Ms Alisha Naqvi and Ms Akansha Agarwal.

Added on: 01 Jun 2016

On 24th April, 2016, Delhi Public School, Allahabad celebrated its Annual Scholars Trophy Distribution Ceremony. This day also marked The Foundation Day of the School.

The programme started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the esteemed Guests of Honour, Major Harsh Kumar, Deputy Registrar Allahabad University and Prof. Avinash Chandra Pandey, former V.C. Bundelkhand University and currently head of oceanic Sciences department, Allahabad University who were welcomed by Ms. Sonu Singh Raghav, President D.P.S Allahabad and Dr. Sujata Singh, Principal D.P.S Allahabad.

This was followed by the Prize distribution Ceremony. The Guests of Honour gave away the badges and certificates to the students for outstanding performance.

In the second category, students who performed excellently in Academics were awarded. Students with 100% attendance were also given away the badges and certificates. The Guests of Honour in their speeches congratulated the achievers and said that in this competitive world one must pursue excellence and for this it is very important for the students to have a pre-defined goal. This was followed by a beautiful instrumental song presented by the students of the school, giving the message—that when someone wants to get something from his heart he tries to get it with all his efforts and will power and if the will power is strong, anything can be achieved. This performance was succeeded by an enthralling song and a dance performance through which the students mesmerized the audience.           

On 24th April, 2016, Delhi Public School, Allahabad celebrated its Annual Scholars Trophy Distribution Ceremony. This day also marked The Foundation Day of the School.

The programme started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the esteemed Guests of Honour, Major Harsh Kumar, Deputy Registrar Allahabad University and Prof. Avinash Chandra Pandey, former V.C. Bundelkhand University and currently head of oceanic Sciences department, Allahabad University who were welcomed by Ms. Sonu Singh Raghav, President D.P.S Allahabad and Dr. Sujata Singh, Principal D.P.S Allahabad.

This was followed by the Prize distribution Ceremony. The Guests of Honour gave away the badges and certificates to the students for outstanding performance.

In the second category, students who performed excellently in Academics were awarded. Students with 100% attendance were also given away the badges and certificates. The Guests of Honour in their speeches congratulated the achievers and said that in this competitive world one must pursue excellence and for this it is very important for the students to have a pre-defined goal. This was followed by a beautiful instrumental song presented by the students of the school, giving the message—that when someone wants to get something from his heart he tries to get it with all his efforts and will power and if the will power is strong, anything can be achieved. This performance was succeeded by an enthralling song and a dance performance through which the students mesmerized the audience.           

Added on: 01 Jun 2016

Earth day, a time when people round the world hold events to honour our home planet. It's a day to think about our planet and what we can do to keep it special, to think about saving water and energy, reducing pollution, recycling, protecting our animals, trees and plants and generally getting children interested in protecting their environment.

The three R's: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce were discussed in the class.

Children of classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Prep also learnt to observe, create and remain in touch with the ever changing world and to develop a caring attitude towards the earth by learning to recycle and use materials for art and crafts rather than throwing them away.

Students were asked to bring plastic bottles to use them to make different crafts. They painted the bottles to make Octopus and Piglet and enjoyed the activity.

Added on: 01 Jun 2016

On the sunny and beautiful morning of 21st April 2016, we the family of DPS Allahabad, gathered with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow to bid “Goodbye” to Mrs. Lajja Sahai on the occasion of her retirement from this institution. The program commenced with the welcome speech which was followed by the lighting of the lamp. The senior section choir sang the  song “Showers of Blessings.” The President and the Principal presented a memento and a token of appreciation and acknowledged her dedicated and selfless service rendered for the cause of education. The junior section presented the group dance which was enjoyed by all. She was conferred with the attribute of being the most gentle teacher of our school.

FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! April 20 ,2016
Added on: 01 Jun 2016

On April 20, 2016 a Language Talk was given before the students of classes 8-12 in the auditorium of DPS Allahabad. Mr. Dhruv Sharma, the mastermind of Logophilia was the resource person. The Language Talk was basically an introductory session(ahead of the main workshops)in which the students were given an insight into learning to recognise words of English language via some specific methods .In this session the students were acquainted with the historical background of English language that dates back to the time when Greek and Latin were used mostly. Some startling facts concerning the number of words in some languages, including English were also divulged to the students (here English tops the list with more than 10 lakh words). Some instances related to figuring out a word from English language by splitting it into two parts were also displayed which the students found most interesting. The pupils found the Talk intriguingly informative and practical and many of them got themselves registered for the Logophilia Workshop which were to follow from April 22-23, 2016. The Workshop on the dates aforementioned turned out to be more utilitarian in an engrossing manner. The students, ahead of the workshops were looking forward to striking a closer understanding as regards deciphering an English word which they are not familiar with. Their expectation was comprehensively catered to in the Workshops as the knowledge they gained, many of them firmly believe would help them with English language throughout their lives. Studying a word etymologically(specially by dint of an etymon)not only helped pupils to grasp a particular word interestingly easily, it also enabled them to decode so many other words too in the similar fashion as the pupils were now familiar to the very root of the words they had emerged from.

During the Workshop a test was also conducted to check the students` understanding related with words of English language. The short listed students will make it to the other competitions of higher level which the Team Logophilia has planned to organise with other schools, colleges and Universities across India. Logophilia was an unprecedented experience for the students of DPS Allahabad as they loved it thoroughly participated whole. Heartedly, learnt extensively and toiled assiduously to make it to the next level. On the whole, it was a very fruitful event, apart from the academics, being a part of it as well!!

Added on: 01 Jun 2016

Indian star cricketers Ashish Nehra and Yuvraj Singh inaugurated the Ashish Nehra cricket Academy on 6th April, 2016 at Delhi Public School, Allahabad. This world class, state-of-the art facility is an initiative by Delhi Public school, Allahabad to groom young cricketing talent in all spheres of game, by exposing them to professional training under the supervision of professional coaches from Delhi.

The Academy will directly function under the mentorship of Ashish Nehra who has consented to coach the budding cricketers from time to time. The Academy aims to provide quality coaching to students who have interest in cricket and aspirations to play at higher level.

The children along with their parents and many others including the students and players of other schools and colleges, their friends and relatives came to witness the official inauguration of this Academy which thrilled them.