Principal's Message

Every year we see young parents taking tips from elders, meeting friends and talking to experts as to what is the best choice for their young toddler in terms of the school, the curriculum, the location, the facilities and so on. It is a worthwhile exercise these days, as much is talked about holistic education and what it offers to the child.

Learning is no longer confined to the classroom with a black board, a play ground and a library. Parents seek to find a school where the latest technology in teaching.- learning has been implemented and where anything from horse riding to skating to karate and music, all go hand in hand. So in a nutshell, the search for the school which offers all these is on.

As the toddler grows up, crossing the various levels of pre primary, primary, secondary & higher secondary stages, he will be exposed to the competitive world of today, where not just academics but all round personality development also helps him in coping with situations.

Rewarding careers come to those who have the background of a sound academic record, complemented by skills and training in other co-scholastic areas.
Our endeavor is to provide all possible means to create thinking individuals and global citizens with Indian values.

Sunil Trivedi
Principal, Delhi Public School Allahabad