Director's Message

As I humbly extend my greetings and warm wishes to the whole fraternity of Delhi Public School at Allahabad and beyond on the occasion of new year 2013, I take the opportunity to reach out to all parents, teachers and well wishers with an appeal that we work together with sincerity, commitment and compassion for the enhancement and good education for our children- wherever they may study and play. Where there are no proper schools, let us examine the matter and endeavour to do our bit to change things for the better, in our humble and limited capacity, wherever and whenever we may be able to.

At Delhi Public School, Allahabad we are committed to providing good education for our children, and, although there are so many aspects that qualify for a good education, I shall summarize them to focus on the absolute essentials that are the bases of good education.

I believe that "sound ethics" and "the ability to make the right choices" are the cornerstones of a good education."Sound ethics" poses the greater challenge in the pursuit of good education because, ironically, ethics can't be taught by syllabus, textbooks and class teaching at moral science lessons. They can only be passed on by adults and teachers as "living examples"-like all our human values- and as much as this aspect of education has been shelved and relegated to the background, that much greater is the urgency to focus on it today. Let us all be more responsible for our children's upbringing.

"The ability to make right decisions", the second aspect under consideration, comes from a sensitized exposure and participation of our children in disciplines, both academic and extracurricular in nature, which include studies and sports under disciplined supervision, to the extent that time and opportunity will permit at the school, so that a sound understanding of the basics of life leads to wise and successful living.

For all our students of Delhi Public School I wish to say that the management and teachers are genuinely concerned about your success in school and your well being. It is this concern that prompts us to correct and guide you so that you can be proud of your achievements and be the reason for your parents and us to be proud of you too.

May I thank our parents, friends and well-wishers of Delhi Public School, Allahabad, for all their support and cooperation over the past years, and for the confidence you have put in us by sending your children to this school. Please feel free to share your concerns and constructive suggestions with the management so that we may together work towards a brighter future for our children.

With warm wishes
Yours sincerely

C. V. Innes
Director, Delhi Public School Allahabad